It Really Does Matter

The world-changing charities that BoroDash supports would not be able to do all of the amazing work that they do without the funding raised through the race and from generous givers like you.

BoroDash Founder, Staci McCreary and her husband Josh.

What Your Donation Does

Baby in a diaper

Saves Lives

Infants and children in Tanzania are often abandoned on the streets or in the wilderness when their families cannot afford to care for them. BoroDash was specifically created to provide the finances needed to rescue and properly care for them.

Mother, Father, and child together

Strengthens Families

BoroDash funds also go towards serving the families of Tanzania so that they CAN afford to care for their children. Education and Life Skill training are provided to the children's caretakers with the intention of reuniting the families and setting them up for a safer, healthier, and more abundant life.

helps The Helpless

There is so much brokenness here in Rutherford County – real people who struggle with homelessness, mental and physical illnesses, disabilities, extreme loneliness, and meeting their most basic needs. BoroDash supports local charities that don't just treat these symptoms, but holistically provide ways for these people to get out of their hopeless situations for good.

Person with hands lifted

Uplifts the Marginaliized

BoroDash is a Christian organization run by Bible-believing disciples of Jesus Christ. The charities we work with all follow His example of serving those in need with the goal of changing lives for the better.

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Visit our Beneficiaries Page to learn more about the specific charities that we support.