Beneficiary Selection Process for our Spotlight Charities


The final selection of beneficiaries is a challenging task because there are so many worthy charities who would benefit from extra funds. Contributions are awarded by the Board of Directors based on our guidelines and the availability of monies raised. We use a comprehensive approach to determine whether our collaboration and investment can add value and will measurably improve the applicant’s impact on our community. Applications which are incomplete and least aligned with the mission of Borodash will be removed from further consideration for the current year. A beneficiary that has received money from Borodash for the past three consecutive years is ineligible to receive funds for the current year. All eligible requests are considered by the following guidelines:


Borodash seeks funding opportunities that will have a meaningful impact on a nonprofit and the people it serves. “Meaningful impact,” however, can take many forms. For example, one program might affect the lives of hundreds of children by providing educational materials, whereas another program might provide one-on-one mentoring that affects only a few dozen children but changes the course of their educational paths. Although very different in scope, both programs might be worthy of funding. The principle location of the charity and its activities should take place in Rutherford County.

History of Success

Borodash applauds the initiative of newly formed nonprofits that seek to meet community needs. However, heavier consideration will be given to established nonprofits with a proven history of providing value to the community.

Volunteer Involvement

The willingness of individuals to give freely of their time and talents to a nonprofit can sometimes speak volumes about the value of that organization to the community. Accordingly, Borodash views volunteer involvement very favorably.

Funding Capabilities

The Borodash Board will also assess the external fund-raising capabilities of the charity, especially those that lack support from government or other charitable organizations (i.e. United Way). We prefer to focus on charities with smaller budgets and smaller administrative overhead. The application should demonstrate that prior funds and programs have been prudently managed and that the general and administrative expenses are comparable to those of similar sized charities.

Request Funds for Your Charity


If you meet the requirements above and would like to be considered, please email We’ll send you the Borodash Beneficiary Request Form to fill out.


All completed request forms must be submitted by April 15, 2023.


Monies raised will be dispersed to the chosen charities during December. Borodash believes in supporting our community, and we look forward to this event every year!